About Optoga

Exclusive LED lighting, designed and developed in Sweden

For almost 20 years, Optoga has contributed to a brighter existence around the world

Optoga is a market-leading company that targets customers who strive for innovative business solutions and advanced products. Whether you are at home, at work or in the public, our lighting solutions can offer a specially adapted and comfortable environment.

Optoga, an experienced player you can count on

Curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit characterize our corporate culture

Since the beginning, Optoga has been characterized by ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We are now developing the next generation of LED products based on IoT technology. In addition to LED solutions, we offer a fast-paced, committed and flexible organization that quickly gets to grips with the projects and acts as an extended arm of your company. With Optoga in your team, you can count on a partner who takes responsibility, assists with creative ideas and suggestions and always has the goal of increasing the well-being of the end customer.

From idea to finished product

Optoga was founded in 2004 and the company’s staff has over 40 years of experience in LED products. The company is based in Sweden but distributes products both nationally and globally and is primarily aimed at luminaire manufacturers, healthcare, hotels and restaurants. We work with the entire chain from development, production, testing and certification of lighting products.

Experience that makes a difference

We have extensive experience of working in projects, side by side with some of Sweden’s largest companies such as IKEA, Volvo, SAAB and Electrolux. Our experts know what you need and have well-documented processes and high problem-solving ability. We turn to companies that want to develop a specially manufactured module to increase function in the existing structure. Optoga’s experienced employees have extensive knowledge in LED and can help you strengthen both the quality and competitiveness of your product.

We push the boundaries of what is possible in smart LED lighting

The core of our products is to develop more than light, we must develop a useful function that improves the environment for people. Human centric lighting or HCL is a key factor in all products. This means that we can adapt the light to the environment and the people. Our products can adjust the light at different times of the day to contribute to optimal productivity in schools and workplaces. In the same way, they can work for an improved circadian rhythm in hospitals, at home and in elderly care. Via motion sensors, you can also save energy and only use full power when a person is in the room.

Optoga means custom-made

The number of functions is entirely up to you as a customer and we are constantly developing new innovative functions for maximum comfort. Our LED module is packaged in one and the same unit and is designed to be easy to install and use. With the help of a centrally controlled light control system, you can easily monitor and adjust the behavior of the lamps as needed.

The Optoga system

A solution for all different lighting needs

Global reach

Optoga’s innovative LED solutions can be found in businesses and institutions all over the world. We have representation in all parts of the world to meet our customers’ needs.

Own production

Through our very own manufacturing in combination with our own R & D department, we create completely new products in collaboration with our customers.

Environmentally friendly

Optoga’s entire range is CE certified and tested in our factory. In addition, all ingredients are completely recyclable. All LED lamps are included in the segment’s most energy-efficient on the market.

Full control

Our LED lights can be programmed in the smallest detail, for a smarter lighting experience. We can adapt the lamp to a number of different circumstances such as time, presence, direction, intensity and more.