With OptoDrive®, we create inviting lighting for all hotel areas

CLARA series, smart drivers with good economy and high adaptability.

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Crystal, a round elegant lens with a low glare value. A perfect LED module for downlights.

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Medical LED

Reliable LED modules for medical examinations and operating rooms

Svea is used where high light levels are necessary from a compact source.

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CLARA series, smart drivers with good economy and high adaptability.

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Flickerfree LED-engines for tasklights with no need for a driver

Steffi series, a slim and powerful LED adapted for kitchens and bathrooms.

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SVEA ED is perfect for downlights, spotlights, ambient. Suitable where high light levels are required from a compact source.

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Next generation LED

Smart IoT lighting for businesses looking for a higher function

Optoga was founded in 2004 and the company’s staff has over 40 years of experience in LED products. The company is based in Sweden but distributes products both nationally and globally and is primarily aimed at luminaire manufacturers, healthcare, hotels and restaurants. We work with the entire chain from development, production, testing and certification of lighting products.

Our products are usually developed in collaboration with our customers, where we design a product specifically developed from the customers needs. A constant focus at Optoga is to develop smart lighting with people in focus. With Optoga as a project partner, you get a creative and solution-oriented overall partner in both product development and manufacturing.

Product range

What light environment do you want to achieve?

We love challenges and can help you develop your very own product for an optimal lighting environment. Optoga makes specially adapted LED solutions designed and developed in Sweden.

Choose Optoga

We make your ideas into reality

We have extensive experience of working in projects, side by side with some of Sweden’s largest companies such as IKEA, Volvo, SAAB and Electrolux. Our experts know what you need and have well-documented processes and high problem-solving ability. Optoga focuses on companies that want to develop a specially manufactured module to increase function in the existing structure. Our experienced employees have extensive knowledge in LED and can help you strengthen both the quality and competitiveness of your product. Choose a partner who can prioritize your needs and let us create a brighter future, together.

Human centric lighting

The core of our products is to develop more than light, we develop a useful function that improves the environment for people. Human centric lighting or HCL is a key factor in all products. This means that we can adapt the light to the environment and the people.

Smart lighting increases the quality of life

Our products can, for example, adapt the light at different times of the day to contribute to optimal productivity in schools and workplaces. In the same way, they can work for an improved circadian rhythm in hospitals, at home and in elderly care.

New opportunities with waterproof LED products

Moisture tends to spread everywhere. We have seen many claims regarding quality, related to moisture among both cheap and expensive products, but the solution is so simple that one hardly thinks about it. It’s as simple as preventing moisture from entering the electronics. How? By using a breathable membrane in our LED modules for outdoor use, we make it easy and efficient!

Clara IP65

Markets we focus on

By Optoga taking a clear niche in market areas that involve precision, comfort and experience, we ensure that our products are adapted to sectors where light really makes a difference. Our experts understand your business and are there to deliver the best possible solution, for both you and your customers.

Surgery and examination lightning

Our LED solutions are specifically designed for luminaires used for minor surgeries, examinations and other medical and veterinary purposes where the light quality is crucial.

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Curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit characterize our corporate culture

Since the beginning, Optoga has been characterized by ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We are responsible for the entire production chain and are now developing the next generation of LED products based on IoT technology. In addition to LED solutions, we offer a fast-paced, committed and flexible organization that quickly gets to grips with the projects and acts as an extended arm of your company. With Optoga in your team, you can count on a partner who takes responsibility, assists with creative ideas and suggestions. The goal is always to increase the well-being of the end customer.

About OptoDrive®

The company

How does it really work? We show you how our products come to life, from the idea stage to the installed product.

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See a selection of projects that we’ve completed together with our customers and get an insight into how we work in collaboration.

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Our own product series with over a dozen unique LED products. All sprung from projects made together with our customers, designed for different purposes.

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