Inviting with warmth, feeling and the soft familiar intact, how do you get it?

A perfect light design to pay attention
to the hotel’s presence but also to communicate an inviting atmosphere to the guests, is extremely important. At the same time, such a solution should also be functional and energy efficient for all needs.
An important factor when a non-existent or poorly designed lighting can give a negative impression to a potential guest.

D2W, mood elevators in hotels and other places, why?

3000K is a good color temperature to work in but does not give the feeling of the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The 2000K does not provide a good working light but it gives the feeling of warmth and welcome. Both are therefore extremely necessary, but for different scenarios and different behavior patterns. Think about how it should work in the evening in the bar, in the conference daytime and at breakfast in the morning. Very different needs but so important that it works flawlessly all the time!

It is important to remember that at 2000K, color rendering must be as high as possible, as otherwise it is perceived as a monochromatic light. It is easy that everything becomes orange otherwise, but with higher color rendering, all light has a better re-reflection. Particularly important because you do not want to look in the eyes of an orange face, bar, drink or food on a plate. How much light you want at 2000K depends on the dimming curve used, the warm light should only be the lowest level or it should come in earlier?