A game changer in IoT

Smart LED Engines are a crucial difference for lighting and luminaire designers. Now DALI and Casambi can be combined in lighting controls and lighting designers can now build flexibility into how rooms and spaces are lit from the beginning to provide an immersive and interactive feeling and experience. Optoga makes it possible to use smart lighting and combine DALI with Casambi directly in the lighting. This will take your lighting design to the next level. Do you not want built-in smart lighting in your LED module right from the start?

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By mounting a “sugar cube size” box, different intelligences can be integrated in the LED module such as wireless communication or sensors. Best of all is that the LED module works just like a regular LED module without this intelligence being mounted, ie full light but completely dimmable with standard dimmer. When DimIn units are mounted (we call the “sugar cube” so), then the LED module changes shape and the control takes place completely via this and its external communication.

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