Arboga Ambassador from Optoga!

’Arboga Ambassador’, this is the new title Stefan Larsson, founder and CEO of Optoga AB, recently had the honor to be given together with another two people by the Arboga Municipality in Sweden.

Stefan Larsson spoke from his heart: ‘Through the years, we have hosted visitors from near and far and many answers have been given when we are asked ‘Why Arboga?’ It is not strange at all. We have an amazing team who strive to make Optoga the leading player in our industry so that our customers can easily integrate and install the best light engines in the world.

I moved to Arboga 20 years ago and started Optoga together with two other extraordinary associates. Since then, my mind is never on anything else. We are here and will be here in Arboga always, for us and for our customers.

This title will definitely be cherished and well taken care of by me, thank you Arboga!’