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Introducing FlickerFree

Our FlickerFree modules for Theo, Svea and Clara are aiming for a professional market with high demands on work environment.

All light sources for 230VAC has some kind of flicker with the frequency 100Hz (120Hz in the US), even incandescent bulbs. Though the eye at it’s best can detect flicker up to 80Hz, the mind can feel it up to 500Hz according to research. Therefore flicker in LED-modules for AC has been a discussed subject recently. A flicker percent of 100% means that the light goes from full light to complete off, OptoDrive™ AC-modules uses advanced electronics to shorten the time intervals when the LEDs are off. This gives a more pleasant light, and a low flicker index.

In the new FlickerFree modules we have taken a step further to even simulate afterglow, like an incandecent bulb. This has the effect that the LED never is completly off. An incandecent bulb has a flicker precent around 10%, our new FlickerFree module concepts has around 7%. This makes the flicker practicly disappear. Recommendations suggest a flicker percent around 20-30% and our final products are aiming for those specifications. In places with high demands on work environment regulations OptoDrive™ FlickerFree is the natural choice.

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