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The other news to be presented during Light+Building is wireless expansion cards for LED-modules SVEA and THEO. A revolutionary easy and flexible solution for the lighting industry. Now lighting manufacturers has a possibility to decide what type of wireless control they like – after installation.

ZigbeeZigBee, a protocol for wireless control, is first to be presented. The ZigBee card is a small transciever that communicates with a gateway. With your mobile phone, tablet or wall wireless dimmers you can control the module in several ways. First out is dimming. A lot of manufacturers are using the ZigBee protocol thanks to it’s versatile features. For example, Philips Hue and Osram Lightify uses ZigBee and OptoDrive™ modules works great in those systems.

BluetoothLater we will present Bluetooth and different types of sensor cards. Bluetooth is a widespread standard used by many applications. The possibilities are endless and we are working on concepts for applications and funktions. Sensor cards for daylight and motion are also in development.

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